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There have been confirmed cases in Bexar county as well as other areas of Texas and the United States. If your dog leaves the house for any reason that may mean contact with other dogs, they should be vaccinated for CIV. Remember that all dogs will be very susceptible to this virus as it is an emerging disease throughout our country.

All dogs visiting The Palms Pet Resort for any services will need to be vaccinated for influenza.
If your dog has never been vaccinated for the Canine Influenza (CIV), initial vaccine plus a booster will be required. If your dog has been vaccinated for CIV in the past, a booster with the new vaccine, covering both the H3N2 and the H3N8 strains, will suffice.

KENNEL COUGH There have also been confirmed cases of kennel cough throughout the greater San Antonio area recently. We require the Bordetella vaccine every 6 months and ask that your dog(s) be vaccinated for it at least 7 days prior to arriving for any services.

* Dog Boarding

Pet Boarding in Luxury Suites or the Cabanas, each guest has personal care, daily housekeeping, nutritious meals, and spacious air-conditioned areas.  The Palm's Pet Resort offers your pet three sizes of suite accommodations for your pet's your needs: 

The Cabanas - Our Cabanas are in a spacious air-conditioned area allowing for large and giant breeds and even multi-pet families to have the maximum space to enjoy. Cabanas have secure yards for exercise, potty breaks, and a play a minimum of 4 times per day. Cabanas starting at $50 per night

Our Luxury Suites provide elegant and pampering care for the pet wanting the best The Palms has to offer. Our suites provide luxury bedding, air conditioning, color television or soothing music. The Luxury Suites - Petite Suite-$58, Medium Suite-$68, Large Suite-$74.  Pricing effective 5/13/2019

Day Boarding 25% off regular boarding rates.

Play Time Sessions 15 minute sessions are priced per pet. Your pet will enjoy a one-on-one special time with one of our certified staff. $10 per 15 minutes of play.


* Cat Boarding

Paradise Cove just for the Kitty, each feline guest has personal care, daily housekeeping, nutritious meals, playtime & spacious air-conditioned areas.

Kittens and cats will love to spend time in our multi-level luxury suites! They are in a separate air-conditioned area of The Palms with a large aquarium for entertainment and relaxation. Your cat will enjoy playtime, nutritious meals, and quality care while staying with us. They will be swept away to their own island oasis in Paradise Cove.

The multi-level luxury suites have individual ventilation and a birds-eye view of the 240 gallon tropical fresh water aquarium. Your cat has a "home away from home at The Palms Pet Resort & Spa".  Kitty Condos $33 per night

* There will be an additional charge of $12 per pet for New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Rates are based on one (1) animal per unit, extra pets in same unit receive a 25% discount off the boarding rate. Pricing is per day. Rates are effective 5/13/2019.  Call or email us if you have questions regarding our services. Please make your reservations in advance to help us accommodate your needs.


Doggie Day Care

PlayCare is where your pet has a unique opportunity to socialize with other dogs who have all been temperament tested and spayed or neutered. This provides a safe way to interact and play with others, with consistent direction and correction from our certified staff.

PlayCare is more than just a fun time ... A happy, exercised, and relaxed dog will come home at the end of a day. From $32 per day with multi day packages available. PlayCare packages:  3 Day/$96, 5 Day/$155, 10 Day/$300, 20 Day/$580, 40 Day/$1120 & 60 Day/$1620

Doggie Day Care / PlayCare operates Monday - Friday, 7am - 6pm. Tuesday & Thursday reserved for small dogs, 30 lbs and under.  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday everyone is welcome.  Be sure to download and complete our Doggie Day Care Profile Form


Pet Grooming

Our Full Service Grooming Salon features 3 bathing areas with separate drying and styling rooms. We offer caring and certified staff, working with professional equipment, to assure your satisfaction and your pet's safety and comfort. Our stylists have experience with all breeds of cats and dogs, and will consult with you to provide the look you want. Salon rates are dependent on breed, coat condition and special requests.

Bathing Services - Everyone loves a fresh, clean pet. Every bathing service includes comb out of coat, bathing, drying, ear cleaning, and nail trim.

Our FURminator Shed-Less Treatment can be added for an additional charge. We are proud to provide the patented Shed-Less system featuring the FURminator for short to long-haired dogs who normally would not go to the groomer. This revolutionary system decreases shedding by 75% for dogs such as Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Chow Chows, Huskies, Terriers and many other breeds.

Grooming & Bathing After a Stay that includes lots of fun and play, we'll send your dog home looking their best and smelling fresh! We offer a selection of grooming and bathing services through our grooming salon and can schedule an appointment for you that coincides with your pet's departure.  Please call us right now for grooming rates, and to book an appointment


Dog Training 

The Palms Academy for Higher Education offers a wide variety of dog training classes for every level. Our training goal is to enhance the quality of life for dogs and their owners.  Classes offered include:

Puppies’ ages 8 weeks to 6 months

Dogs over 6 months and older with no prior formal training

Pre-requisite: "PET MANNERS"

Pre-requisite: "PET MANNERS"

No Pre-requisite / No prior training

Pre-requisite: “PET MANNERS”

Pre-requisite - “None” Scent work, commonly called nose work

Pre-requisite-“Pet Manners”

Pre-requisite - “Pet Manners”

Training Classes are $160 per six week session, except Youth and Their Dogs class at $135 per six week sessions and Leash Walking Class which is $75 for 4/weeks  8:-8:30PM 

Call for upcoming class starting dates & more information, or visit our Training  Section on our full website.


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Day Care / PlayCare Hours
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All Holidays  Closed, Please be aware that any closing applies to the business office only.
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